December 21st


Last December 21, was the day I planned to hang with my closest friends who are also in Qatar for the Christmas break to celebrate my birthday (which is every 18th of December). I’m the kind of person who doesn’t want to celebrate birthdays. Because for the past birthdays I had, it was celebrated simple. It’s either we’d buy a cake and food to eat at our house, or we’d eat in a restaturant of my choice + cake, of course. You see, I want it simple as much as possible. I know birthdays are meant to be special, and I should make it one.

Cakes, PIZZA, balloons, hohol with the QA friends, LV 5/5, movie night, boardgames, KFC, and Baskin Robbin’s


So this 18th celebration was quite an exception. It wasn’t anything extravagant and big. It’s still simple: I just wanted to have quality time with my friends (+ Papa John’s Pizza & Jollibee ChickenJoy) at my place, and catch up since we hardly see each other. The struggle to hang because we study in different schools + the conflict of our schedules back in Manila. Some are also studying here. It’s really difficult for us Qatar kids to hang out, apparently.
   Enough of the blabbing. In short, I had the time with friends that I wanted. I was even surprised by my girl friends. Before noon that day, they told me they won’t be able to make it to my house because something came up. So of course I was kind of saddened although I was contented with the presence of my 4 friends who made it to my place earlier. At 5 PM, we decided to go out – some place for us to chill. 2 hours later, I was phoned by my mom for us to go home already. So in half an hour, we arrived back to my place and surprised by my girl friends handing me flowers and balloons at our living room! Can’t believe I did not know that. I was pretty good at figuring out surprises, okay. And I was really surprised by this!
Watched an Asian Horror Film – just like the old days
Played Uno and Monopoly ’til 5 AM

5 7

Baskin Robbin’s and KFC to end our day!

– Fin –


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