My Most Frequently Used Apps (iPhone)

Took this before filming the GIFs below!
Took this before filming the GIFs below!

The app store, having more than a million of iOS compatible applications, releases new apps everyday. So as a quite geeky person I get to be when it comes to these kind of stuff, I always anticipate for new applications that will actually help me in different kinds of things. Check ’em below:

app-chrome app-chrome2

  • Productivity: Gmail (Free)

I prefer using Gmail than Apple’s Mail app. Mail app is quite overwhelming (or maybe it’s just me) with how it looks, and sometimes it has bugs that causes the application to crash. Google Mail has the same interface when accessed on desktops which allows users to have the same thread view as well; it’s easier to backread through conversations!

app-chrome-1 app-chrome-2

  • Utility: Chrome (Free)

Yup, another app by Google! Why Chrome instead of Safari, you ask? Just because I’m more comfortable in using Chrome browser since I use it on my laptop as well. Although I’m attracted by Safari’s UI, it sometimes loads slow and eventually crash. I’m not sure if it’s with the internet connection though (PH’s internet connection, tsk tsk).

aoo-waze Waze App

  • Navigation: Waze (Free)

This one’s very helpful! Living in the Metro can really be a pain in the ass especially when you’re travelling from Manila to the North just like me. It might just appear 30-45 mins away, but with the frequent heavy traffic that usually starts at 5 PM, you’ll probably arrive on your destination after 1 1/2 to 2 hours (?). With the help of this app, the GrabTaxi drivers I call would see which roads and streets should we take to avoid traffic jams, accidents, etc.


  • Photography/Video: VSCO (Free) / 8mm ($1.99)

I have been loving VSCO ever since those days when you still had to pay for it; It’s good that it’s now free and just offers in-app purchases for its filter bundles, and more people can use it! Most Instagram-mers I follow use this app and the outputs are minimalistic and clean looking.

app-8mm app-8mm2

With the 8mm, I saw it first at Selena Gomez’s Instagram. She posted a video with her friends having those vintage vibes, and I just had to know what app she used. I scrolled through several comments until I found out that it was called 8mm. I immediately purchased it, and actually used it in one of my videos posted on my Youtube channel.


  • Social: Snapchat (Free)

Facebook and Twitter are automatically given under this category so I’d rather not to put either of ’em instead. Snapchat is my next used social media app. Yup, not Instagram. These days I don’t post that much. On my Snapchat (@ohsaamm), I post stories and send random photos to my friends that usually last only a few seconds. I don’t know, but I find it quite entertaining checking my friends’ stories out too.

app-spot Spotify

  • Entertainment/Games: Spotify (Free) / Threes! ($1.99)

As a music enthusiast, I often listen to songs wherever I am – mostly when I commute via train/cab. With only having a 16gb storage on my phone, Spotify is really convenient. You can create playlists or save songs free, but only on shuffle mode when there’s no wifi/3G. You can upgrade into premium where you have to pay monthly, so that you can save songs and play it on offline mode.


Threes! is similar to the app 2048. I think I discovered this one because it was on top of the charts in the app store and got hooked up as soon as I downloaded it. It drains the battery quite quick though. It entertains me when I’m waiting for something, or when I simply have nothing to do with my time and just kill some of it.

So there you have it! My most frequently used apps.

– Fin 


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