I’m Falling, So I’m Taking My Time on My Ride

Commuting is a part of living in The Philippines. Not everyone has a car, or knows how to drive one – like me, haha – so learning to commute to one’s destination is important. You can choose to ride the cab instead of tricycle, jeepney, fx, bus, and train, but let’s be honest, you can save a lot by riding any of those instead of a cab. Although you can have the taxi as your mode of transportation if you’re looking for hassle-free commute, it’s not always practical to ride one especially when you’re destination is just right around the corner, or far as QC to Manila. (And btw, the title of this post is from the line of my current favorite song – Ride by Twenty One Pilots ^)

Train Ride            LRT1

I started commuting just when I entered college. During my earlier years of education, I was either dropped and fetched by the school bus or by my mom back and forth. When I began my undergraduate studies, I was left with no choice but to learn how to commute, no school bus (duh!) and no mom around. Since the easiest way to go to school is by train, I ride it everyday.

However, when they started to increase the fare, the trains started to get all these kinds of technical difficulties, which resulted the management to lessen the trains they operate. Thanks a lot MRT! This leads me into riding the cab (more than I should) going home rather than the train so that I can conserve my energy over queuing in a long line. Bye moolah!


Anyhow, just like what I said in the first place, commuting is a part of life. It may sometimes ruin your day, but it’s up to you on how to manage it and how to make your day more worth waking up for than leaving it crappy as it already is. As for me, I think of it as a training ground for me to be patient and to be understanding as much as I can. Ciao!

IMG_9916           IMG_9917



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