Ill & Painting


So recently, I tried to get back into trying watercolor calligraphy. I tried it before. Hence, the materials. However, I stopped because of school and my laziness (yep). It was something I wanted to be good at – writing using a brush. At first it was really hard to get hang of and so, I practiced the alphabet, repeating it several times. I’m not saying that I’m already very good at it, but I can say that I have improved. I strongly believe, that there’s still a long way for me to go for me to be able to be really good at it.

I called in sick just the day before independence day. So I had 4 days all by myself to not just rest, but to distress as well.  Upon resting, I thought of getting back to it and shutting out the social media for a while. I let myself drown of the thoughts on how to perfect every letter, instead of other things – concentration. You see, it helps my mind to be on ease; It relaxes my mind.

DSC_0007 DSC_0011 DSC_0020

By Lang Leave
By Lang Leave
Purchased: new water color pad, brush pen, and water brush! The Rocket Raccoon bubble head was from the ToyCon I attended in CSB on the same day I bought the watercolor stuff. 




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