Hello, Luna!



Get it? Instead of “Hello, World!” No? Yes? Nevermind. Anyway, here it goes:

In her early twenties, Sam Damasco is a resident of the interwebz since she was 12, but really, she’s blessed enough to be a resident of two countries. She graduated with an Information Systems degree which wasn’t her first choice, but later on realized that she wouldn’t have college any other way because it helped shape her interests and skills today. Her sleepless nights are mostly spent either reading an e-book, or binge-watching a television show. On some days, she kills time by reading random articles online, watching vlogs by Youtubers living/travelling elsewhere – trying to feed her wanderlust, discovering new songs on Spotify and eventually making a playlist out of it. Oh, and she loves the idea of capturing memoirs by taking pictures and videos that would someday make her nostalgic.

This blog will basically serve as her outlet of digital and film photos she has taken unless otherwise stated.

Contact me: samillejd@gmail.com


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